Shilpa Ravoory (Viola)

Viola, Violin, Piano

Shilpa Ravoory is a violist from Orlando, Florida and recently moved to the Denver area upon finishing her Master’s. Shilpa started her musical life at the age of 5 when she started learning piano, and she picked up viola just two years later. Shilpa received her Bachelors of Viola Performance and her BS Physics from Stetson University in 2019 and then went on to receive an MS in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech.

Shilpa is a classically trained pianist and violist, however she loves to play movie themes and pop music. She spent a lot of time in college playing with her colleagues for weddings and other parties as well as teaching viola whenever possible. Shilpa has been teaching piano, violin, and viola since she was 16 years old. She has performed with a number of orchestras in the Central Florida area and was a soloist at the Beaumaris Festival in Beaumaris, Wales. Shilpa also won the Stetson University Concerto Competition and came runner up in the Georgia Tech Concerto Competition. She loves music and wants to share her passion for it with all students regardless of age or level and her teaching style is based solely on producing enjoyment from her students. To her, music is often the best escape from the chaos that life can bring.