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Rentals and Repairs

New & Used Instrument Rentals! Repairs!

Instrument Rental in Denver are available through us and our affiliate partner Boomer Music Company. See below for current rates (subject to change).
We also offer instrument repair in Denver. Some repairs can be done in-house, such as string replacements guitar setups, cleaning and tuning. For more extensive repairs we work with several professional instrument repair facilities. Bring your instrument in for an assessment, or contact us to discuss your needs.

Elevated Music Center is your one-stop shop for your rental and repair needs.
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  • Band/Orchestra Instrument rental rates (Boomer Music Co).
Flute $25/mo $18/mo   Soprano Sax $40/mo $35/mo   Small Violin $18/mo $18/mo
Piccolo $25/mo $25/mo   Alto Sax $40/mo $35/mo   Full Violin $25/mo $18/mo
Clarinet $25/mo $18/mo   Tenor Sax $45/mo $50/mo   Viola $25/mo $25/mo
Bass Clarinet $45/mo $40/mo   Bari Sax $75/mo $75/mo   Cello $45/mo $40/mo
Oboe $40/mo $35/mo   Bassoon $75/mo $75/mo   Bass $75/mo $75/mo
Trumpet $25/mo $18/mo   Trombone $25/mo $18/mo   Bell/Snare $25/mo $18/mo
French Horn $60/mo $55/mo   Trombone (w/ F) $40/mo $40/mo   Xylo/Snare $45/mo $45/mo
French Horn $75/mo $75/mo   Bariton/Euph. $60/mo $55/mo   Xylophone $40/mo $40/mo
(Double) _______ _______   Tuba $75/mo $75/mo        
  • Disclaimer: Rental list and prices are subject to change. Please contact us to confirm offerings.