Jordan Cromwell (Guitar)

Guitar, Ukulele, Music Theory, Composition

Jordan gives direct instruction for students of all ages in acoustic and electric guitar, as well as ukulele, music theory, and songwriting skills   He loves teaching styles such as fingerstyle, electric blues guitar, soloing and improvising, strumming, and more! Jordan can teach you to learn your favorite songs, focusing on learning the applicable skills and music theory. Teaching is a great joy to him, and he can’t wait to help you or your child experience the joy of playing music! Jordan has been playing guitar for 22 years and teaching for nearly 3 years. He absolutely loves seeing the joy on his student’s faces when they learn new skills, discover their ability to improve, and enjoy playing their favorite music!

Jordan absolutely fell in love with the guitar as a starry eyed teenager when he first heard a family member strumming some chords one 4th of July.  He has been hooked ever since! Jordan loves playing most styles of music on guitar, including blues, pop, folk, neo soul and r&b, classic rock, and more! He is also a songwriter and enjoys expressing the deepest parts of himself and his experience through his music. 

Jordan uses a 5 step approach to help his students successfully learn to play guitar:

1. Create a customized learning plan tailored to the student’s specific goals, including: specifically what to practice, how to practice it, and how often to practice
2. Specific songs chosen according to the student’s ability, focusing on the skills and techniques they need to work on
3. Isolated and Targeted step by step technique, tailored specifically to the student’s current skill: for example: how to sync strumming with chord changes, using the ‘slow motion’ method to get the technique in the left hand to make chord changes smooth, etc.
4. Change of mindset: Jordan teaches his students about letting go of negative self talk, feeling the feelings of positive self talk, ‘letting in the good.’ All of this is directed practically towards the skills and songs they are working on
5. Patience and Good Listening with Caring and Supportive Feedback:  Jordan is very patient, and he takes the time to listen carefully to his student’s playing, as well as to their questions and struggles with their playing.  He gives them specific feedback that is supportive and directed towards what can be improved. He helps them to recognize specific areas where they are improving, and let them know about it with encouragement and positive feedback!