Joe Fisher


Joe believes music is within and amongst all of us. Can you imagine what your life would look like without music? For most of us, living without all those wonderful songs and compositions is simply unimaginable. In fact, to most all of us, music is a central element of life.

The power of music lies in its ability to quickly elicit a wide range of emotions. It’s very likely that you associate a specific song to any given period in your life. Just like how a good soundtrack accompanies a wonderful movie, music accompanies you throughout your entire life. Likewise, singing or playing music offers a way to express your creative self and communicate with others in ways that words alone can’t.

It is for all these reasons, and benefits, that Joe believes music education is one of the greatest gifts one can receive or give to another. Joe is very proud and honored to be able to provide a community environment for all to come and experience the wonderful world of music: A Music Center where teachers can express their creativity and share their musical talents, and students of any age or ability can discover their music within them. Joe highly respects and admires all the extremely talented and wonderful instructors and staff at Elevated Music Center. We’re proud to offer the highest quality instruction both locally as well as virtually to those located elsewhere in the world.

Joe’s background is in the tech industry. Joe holds master degrees in EE and Computer Science and has worked for various technology companies through the years. Music is what helped Joe survive through all these years, and thus, knows and promotes the benefits of Music Wellness!

Joe’s instrument of choice is the drums. While still working on improving his drumming, he is gradually learning a little more about other instruments. Joe also loves being the occasional roadie or assistant sound engineer for his friends’ bands!

There is a quote by Bill Evans that Joe resonates with: “When you play music you discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed.”
If you too want to discover something amazing within you – and elevate your life and those around you, contact Elevated Music Center.