Jameson Kaiser (Viola)

Viola, Violin, Flute, Euphonium
Jameson Kaiser, (Viola, Violin, Flute, Tuba/Euphonium). Music has been apart of the grand scheme that is my life for about 13 years now! As a kid, I used to dread music lessons and group performances. Being on the autism spectrum in a neurotypical teaching setting wasn’t mixing well, and the teachers could never seem to accept I ticked differently! And because of it I couldn’t stand music. Well, at first!
If character development was a person, I’d be just that!

Playing viola for upward of 8 years didn’t start off easy! But with the guidance of a high school band director that changed the way music made sense to me, I was off running, and I just couldn’t stop. With 5 years of chamber orchestra performance, 4 years of marching and concert band, and much more in the big wide world of classical music, I set off into the adult world with one goal in mind: a music experience I could cater to myself and others who just may be a little bit different.

I study recording arts and classical viola performance at CU Denver, and play part time as first chair violist in the Metro State Orchestra. I hunger for any and every variety of music out there, and play not just viola, but violin, flute, and euphonium! Teaching and leading kids in music was and is my specialty, as I understand that sometimes it all doesn’t entirely make sense sometimes.

I strive to bring a new perspective to music, because it’s not my music, it’s yours! That’s the way it’s always been! And your music should be experienced, should be digested and processed in your own way. I am here to make music accessible to all learning styles. Music shouldn’t be reserved for the snooty, by the book snobs! It’s the most human form of expression, and what is more human, than including all that are such?
Let’s paint a good experience together!