Evan Jelley (Piano)

Vocal, Vocal, Guitar, Singer/Songwriter, Composer

Evan Jelley (Piano, Guitar, Vocal instructor), is a Colorado based singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer. Evan’s two primary loves in music (and teaching) are piano and songwriting. As a pianist, he plays a wide range of styles but is most commonly drawn to classical (especially baroque) and jazz. As a songwriter, he draws influence from genres as disparate as 60s folk revival and early hip hop. 

Evan’s teaching style is conscientious, engaging, goal oriented, and encouraging. He believes that establishing fundamentals in both technique, theory, and expression allow students the possibility for optimal enjoyment of their instrument for years to come. Relying primarily on intrinsic reward systems along with external strategies, he makes enjoyment of music and the satisfaction of achievement the central engine for a student’s success.