Elle Reynolds (Voice)

Voice, Guitar

Elle Reynolds is a Denver based vocalist, multi instrumentalist, composer, and promoter who’s been studying music for the last 17 years, and teaching for the last 7.

Elle started singing in choir at age 7 and shortly after begin taking guitar lessons, writing their own songs, and performing at various showcases. Elle studied voice at Denver School of the Arts, focusing on classical and jazz performance, and also started playing in their own bands at this time. Elle started teaching guitar and voice lessons to classmates and friends after school at age 17.

After falling in love with the DIY/underground community in Denver, Elle began to focus on bringing their classical background into the the punk world, taught themselves how to scream, and started booking tours for their mathcore band Endless, Nameless. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Elle started teaching voice and guitar full time and began offering artist mentoring services to people starting their first bands.

When they’re not teaching, Elle currently tours the country with their various bands, composes/records music here in Denver, volunteers with trans youth, and spends time out in nature with their fiancé and their dog.