Music Wellness

We at Elevated Music Center believe that music connects people to a profound sense of life.
Music intersects with wellness and aging as humans adapt to life changes, stay engaged, remain creative, and achieve self-actualization.
Case studies have shown how music allows people to connect with others, break down barriers, and find common ground.

Therefore, we aim to use music as a tool for wellness through various instrumental music classes in Denver. Music can be a subtle coping mechanism to help deal with loss, a simple management tool to alleviate worry, and a way to regain a sense of self when memories start to fade. Music can spark a memory, or create one!

Have you ever experienced an emotional or mental strain or showed sadness and turned to your favored song or playlist to feel nice? This could be for a great reason! As it turns out, music has distinct powers for making your memory & mood a healthful boost. It’s also been shown to energize the positive regions of our brains. Listen to one of your favorite songs. Look for how you feel. Music has the capability to alter our emotional & physical states. If you require more evidence, just ponder a time when you listened to a nice song and got butterflies.

With music classes in Denver, music can make you feel contemplative and recall the past when that song was the most liked song of your life. It can also bring about movement and make you feel cheerful. Music has an energetic yet great effect on both our minds & body. With our music classes in Denver, from an experienced music teacher, one can learn an instrument well. 

Every individual has a distinct relationship to music. Listening to a no longer-remembered song on the radio might bring back old memories from years or ten years later. Maybe jazz riffs can bring creativity to the kitchen, or energetic beats encourage you to handle an early morning run. Listen to a music genre that you prefer, there’s no doubt that music can be energetic.

Additionally, by attending music classes in Denver music might assist people with Parkinson’s to persevere through tough tasks, consisting of strengthening exercises & rehabilitation.

When it comes to our minds & bodies, listening to music can have great effects. It can lift your spirit, improve your mood, have calming qualities, or encourage you to feel energetic through a workout. It can also aid you in reminiscing memories, which enhances brain function, lessening your stress levels.

We offer music classes in Denver in woodwind, brass, string, drums & percussion instruments. 

Besides this, we also offer music production classes in Denver. Following are the subjects that we teach in our course of music production classes in Denver-

Audio Engineering.
Live Sound Engineering.
Creating Sample Libraries.
Electroacoustic Composition.
Game Sound & Music.

The other subjects that you’ll learn in our  music production classes in Denver are as follows-

Music Mixing.
FL Studio.
Ableton Live
Music Composition.
Sound Design.

Our music teachers also provide lessons in- 

Vocal lessons,
Digital composition, and
Music Performance

How learning music and listening to calm music can be beneficial for you is explained here- 

Managing your pain- Music therapy assist in reducing stress levels, also useful for handling pain. When listening to music, your brain moves to focus away from pain signals. The perceived strength of pain then turns lower. This is convenient in intensive care, geriatric care, or palliative medicine. Music has even been utilized to soothe patients prior to surgery!

Lifting your mood- Music is processed in the region of your brain called the amygdala, which is straight away engaged in emotions & mood. Hearing music increases your brain’s creation of the hormone dopamine. Higher dopamine levels assist to alleviate feelings of depression & anxiety.

Keeping your heart wholesome- Research has shown when music is being played, your blood flows more smoothly. This can keep your heart pumping properly. This can also soothe your heart rate, reduce your blood pressure, lessen your cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and raise  endorphin & serotonin levels in your blood.

Avoiding excess eating- Playing soft music in the background while you’re intaking can aid you slow down. As an outcome, you’ll wind up eating less in the course of your meal. Switching on night lights is convenient as well.

Elevated Music Center Music Wellness Offerings

Here is a sampling of our offerings. We are always open to collaborating on other ways we can provide wellness through music.

  • Sing-a-Longs
  • Piano Performances
  • Guitar Performances
  • Music Relaxation Classes
  • Drum Circles
  • Music Wellness Room Visits

Please feel free to attend some music production classes in Denver and call or email to discuss all your music wellness-related options.

“Music has real health benefits. It boosts dopamine, lowers cortisol and it makes us feel great. Your brain is better on music.”
Alex Doman