Early Childhood

Introduction to music at an early age is the most imperative thing a parent can do for their child’s musical potential

Infants and babies who are exposed to a wide variety of music are more likely to begin to hum as they are learning to babble and talk. This in turn sometimes leads to the baby singing and achieving attentive listening to the sounds around them. Research shows that in early childhood development, there are five (5) infant milestones that if your baby showcases between ages 0-2, they are most likely gifted musically. Discovering this talent early can unlock a whole world of potential for your child!

So, play that radio in the car, sing to your kids at night time, play classical music while they fall asleep, clap your hands along with them and encourage dancing! All of these things are stimulating your child’s brain and allowing them to track and follow these new things that they have never heard before; more stimulation is more learning!

Here at EMC, we understand and cherish the importance of early childhood education and hope to be able to serve you and your child! Contact us about our early childhood Music and Movement classes!

“music expresses feeling and thought, without language;

it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words”
~  Morgan King