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“Music to me is more than just achieving the ability to play an instrument or grasping an understanding of the theory.
Music is so much more to me than that. I see it as a fundamental ingredient of our being. It is a component in the way we communicate, express, feel, develop, and live life.
Music is something within, and among, all of us.”
~ Joe Fisher, Owner

We are a welcoming center for like-minded individuals who want to learn, share, discover, grow and explore the joys of Music.

The passion we have to spread the joy of music runs deep in our veins at Elevated Music Center. That passion exudes from our owner, to our instructors, in order to give you that truly remarkable experience Music can provide you and your loved ones around you.

Simply, we are a company that believes in striving to always be Genuine, Compassionate, Supportive and just “Do The Right Thing” for all of our Instructors, Students, and our extended Musical family. We want to encourage everyone to “Elevate Up”.
Imagine a place that pushes you to always do your best, in a loving way that allows you to discover who you really are, through your music lessons.

Why are we so passionate about this?
In life there are ups and downs and music is like a compass leading you in the right direction. Music makes good moments great, and makes bad moments better. Music  can even pull some people up and out of the darkest times into the light. Music is a tool for personal transformation, something that elevates our lives every single day!
Might as well learn to make your own! With your Music, you’ll never be alone!